“I believe that by understanding people‚Äôs unmet needs we can design products that truly matter.”

As a user experience professional, I spend my days:

  • Facilitating collaborative working sessions with business owners, subject matter experts, designers, and developers
  • Interviewing people to understand their needs and motivations as it relates to a particular domain
  • Translating research into personas, design recommendations, prioritized user stories, product road maps, and specifications
  • Sketching and prototyping design concepts, user scenarios, workflows, and product interfaces
  • Collaborating with talented designers and developers to bring concepts to life
  • Observing people as they use prototypes and finished products to perform tasks to learn how to improve them
  • Testing the latest iteration of a product across multiple devices before its release

Because there is always more to learn, I served on the local board of NH UXPA, a professional development and networking organization for UX professionals and students.

In my day job, I’m constantly thinking about how I can make websites and products that people will want to use. Here on my journal, I’m mostly writing for myself to keep track of the travel destinations I’ve been lucky to visit. I may also jot down an occasional thought on user experience, design, food, or some other top of mind topic.