Camping Ferme de Croas Men

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Camping Ferme de Croas Men

The one requirement my favorite Dutchman had for Road Trip Europe 2014 was returning to the farm he camped at as a child. The entire trip was planned around his desire to show me this western tip of France and my desire to explore Cinque Terre.

When he said we didn’t need a reservation for Camping Ferme de Croas Men, I was surprised. When we arrived and couldn’t find anyone to greet us except chickens, cows, a donkey, and some dogs, I was concerned. Left without much choice, we chose a shaded spot surrounded by trees and set up camp. When the matriarch of the camp popped around that evening to tell us to just come by later and give our name, I was relieved. It turned out to be the best camping experience of our entire trip.

On the outskirts of the working farm, a dirt road winds through several camping spots, each large enough for at least 4 pitches. Because it was early September, high season was over and we had an entire area to ourselves. The grounds were lovely, from the restrooms, to the reception area where you could pick up fresh baguettes from the bakery and eggs from the farm each morning (all you had to do was sign up on the chalk board the night before—brilliant!). We took full advantage of our surroundings, met the animals, uploaded some photos using the free wifi, and even hung a line to get some laundry done while we were at it.

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A Day in Morlaix

We spent our first day in Bretagne in the town of Morlaix where we walked around the old quarter and hiked up the hillside to check out the viaduct.

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Beaches of Guimaec

Our last full day in Bretagne was warm and sunny, so we decided to drive along the coast until we found a beach that suited us. The first few stops were overcast, so we kept driving (the beauty of a having a car). We finally found a bright, sunny spot that we nearly had to ourselves. I even managed to get in some yoga. On the way back from the beach we decided to try to find an idealistic beach we saw in a magazine at the farm, Plage de Venizella a Guimaec. Google Maps had never heard of it, so we drove up and down the coast turning here and there until we happened down a steep dirt road. At the end, a small parking lot with a narrow path led us to one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

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  • guimaec-plage-de-venizella
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Unfortunately the road is narrow; when we left a car came speeding down as we were attempting to ascend and we slid back nearly hitting a very expensive looking Mercedes. With the driver of the approaching car yelling at us in French, I advised the Dutchman to ignore him, take a few deep breathes, and stay put until he was ready. With his skillful use of the e-break, our little Peugot survived without a scratch and we headed back to camp for a relaxing last night on the farm. Tomorrow we planned to drive straight to Carcassonne, a 600-mile, 9-hour drive. Little did we know our accommodations there would win best-view-from-private-terrace of the whole trip!

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