Letting Go and Looking Forward

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Letting Go and Looking Forward

Today was the first Monday in eleven years (aside from holidays) that I didn’t drive or bike the four and a half miles to work as an Experience Architect at PixelMEDIA. Instead I made an appointment to sell my condo in the South End of Portsmouth, New Hampshire—a place I appreciated each and every time I walked up the steps and saw this view for the past nine years.


Instead of heading in to test the latest release of the online education product I managed, I confirmed the sale of my Honda Element—the first brand new car I ever owned, which my best friend drove off the lot because I didn’t know how to drive a stick yet.

Instead of saying good morning to my cube mates and attending daily stand-up, I reviewed the relocation checklist my new company, Booking.com, provided to prepare me for the move to Amsterdam. And the reality of the move is finally starting to set it.

As I spend the day sifting through documents, photo albums, and clothes to see what absolutely must fit into four suitcases and two carry-ons, I’m filled with the love and laughter of the weekend I just spent with my best friends. Our tight-knit group has been mostly intact since college and shared ski trips, cookouts, beach days, bonfires, home-cooked meals, parties, housewarmings, weddings, births, losses, and every small moment in between.


As hard as it is for me to leave behind my work, my home, my car—it is really the people I love who I will miss the most. Luckily I know our bonds are tighter than miles, technology will enable us to keep in touch, and I’m going to a kick-ass new city that they will just have to come visit, often.

So here’s to the next adventure. To letting go of the places and things that have treated me so well for the last twenty years, and to looking forward to what lies ahead. Now enough procrastinating and back to that relocation checklist.